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Teams are broken down by our 6 levels.

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Competition Details

We attend 2 Regional Competitions per year: Locations & Dates TBD

Placement Auditions: There is a team for everyone!
Contact the studio to schedule your placement evaluation.

Required Classes:  Depending on level
Tiny & Mini: 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz & 1 Team Class
Petite: 2 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Lyrical & 1 Team Class

Pre Elite, Select Elite, Junior Elite, Senior Elite: 2 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Lyrical & 1 Team Class

Other Opportunities:  Thrive Dance Company plans on attending many events
as a group throughout the year.  Past events include sporting events, parades, galas,
festivals, and other exciting community events.  

Informational Meeting:  We will be holding an informational meeting to go over
all of the details for joining a team.